TP's thoughts on Vid.Me

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TP's thoughts on Vid.Me

Postby ArctheLad » Apr 9th, 2017

Title pretty much says it all, while dailymotion failed miserably, seems to be picking up some speed lately, especially with youtube and their views on censorship and monetization which should have anyone on youtube concerned.

It has a built in patreon thing almost, and they expanding on it further, you can change options like if you want people to download your videos for themselves to watch when they want (without an addon).

Anyone interested should be looking into it, if you're like me and like to be prepared for the future possibility of youtube losing it and making more bonehead decisions.

But yes, is there any future plans for Twin Perfect and this new video hosting site?
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Re: TP's thoughts on Vid.Me

Postby IndieSent » Aug 9th, 2017

Well well, how long has THIS being going on? This might just be the answer to our prayers when youtube finally devours itself. :versy:
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Re: TP's thoughts on Vid.Me

Postby Versiris » Aug 14th, 2017

I've brought this site up to Rosseter and he said he's interested, so that's probably a yes. :mariobros:
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