(Twin) PERFECT E3 Coverage

You may not know this, but E3 has come and gone. Did you miss it? Fear not! Rosseter’s gonna recap all of the live events and give EXCLUSIVE coverage of his opinions! Which games were the most exciting? Which presentations were the most cringe-worthy? Who WON? You heard it here FIRST!

Among the best announcements:
– The mythical Final Fantasy VII remake! Rosseter is very concerned about the story and spirit, though. Tetsuya Nomura has stated that the story will be changed and expanded upon… No idea what that might mean, but he hopes they don’t completely miss Sakaguchi’s message. Tetsuya Nomura will be working on it, however, and he did come up with the original story with Sakaguchi. Also, Kazushige Nojima will be doing the re-write, and he cowrote the script with Yoshinori Kitase, so there is hope.

There is no hope for the gameplay however. Square Enix has no idea how to make RPGs anymore.

– The Last Guardian! After years of delays and near-cancellations, it’s finally happening!

– Shenmue 3!!! GUYS! SHENMUE THREE!!! The series that tanked Sega is coming back! The only disappointing thing about it is that it’s not going to be a Dreamcast game. The voice acting had better be terrible to make up for that.

The Kickstarter has shattered records and become the fastest funded video game project of all time in both the $1 million AND $2 million categories. That’s funny, we thought everyone hated Shenmue :/

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